gas fireplace inserts

Fireplaces are either designed and built along with the house or they are inserted afterwards – if your home does not have a fireplace and you are currently on the fence whether you should or shouldn’t get one, here are a few things that tell you a modern fireplace would be a great asset in your home:

  • You want to add some cozy, romantic atmosphere to your room – there is nothing homeier than the sight of the flames in a safe and attractive fireplace. There are lots of great, modern fireplace solutions with gas fireplace inserts that can give you all that without requiring you to engage into any large-scale remodeling;
  • You want to reduce your energy bills – fireplaces are known to be among the most energy-efficient heating solutions, especially gas-operated models that burn fuel without significant loss;
  • You want to add value to your property – the resale value of homes that have at least one fireplace is currently over 10% higher than the resale value of homes of the same size and type, but with no fireplace, so getting a modern fireplace is an excellent way to make your home more attractive to potential buyer and to increase the sale price as well.