Your BBQ grill is probably among your most important household appliances – the appliance that has given you and your friends so many happy memories, such unforgettably delicious meals. However, BBQ grills do get old, especially the ones that are used all the time, so here are some signs that indicate that you need a new outdoor cooking aid:

  • The appliance is just falling apart – no grill lasts forever. Average appliances are built to last for 5-10 years, after that, the dents and the surface damage that seemed only cosmetic in nature start turning into rusty cracks and holes which render the grill not only unsightly, but unusable, too;
  • The appliance has become unstable – the legs of cart-type grills are sensitive to corrosion and when they become weakened, they usually become unstable, too. A grill that is not planted firmly onto the ground can fall over and can cause accidents, so if your appliance has started moving when it shouldn’t, it is time to replace it;
  • The thick layer of grease can no longer be removed – poorly maintained appliances tend to become covered in grease that can be smelly and unhealthy to burn. If you have tried all you could to remove the dirt, but nothing seems to help, it is a sign that you need a new, shiny BBQ:

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