custom patio furniture Arvada

Creating an outdoor relaxation area is something special. The armchairs, sofas, tables placed in the garden create a very pleasant and super comfortable atmosphere to relax in the warm spring and summer afternoons and to have a blast with your friends.

When shopping for new custom patio furniture Arvada residents can choose the style and materials they prefer from Lehrer Fireplace and Patio. Custom furniture can offer aesthetic satisfaction, resistance in conditions of direct exposure to environmental factors, as well as functionality and comfort.

What types of patio furniture are there?

    Made of metal

Metal garden furniture is one of the most durable and, when treated properly, it has a high degree of resistance to wear and tear. The wrought iron furniture in particular has a special look and provides elegance.

    Made of wood

Wooden patio furniture looks natural, being easy to integrate into any exterior design. For a more extravagant style, you can opt for furniture made of exotic wood, such as acacia or eucalyptus.

    Made of plastic

Plastic patio furniture is probably the cheapest option, but quite strong and durable nevertheless! Plastic may seem like a material without personality, but there are a lot of models on the market, in various colors and finishes, or in combination with other materials, that you might want to consider.

    Made of wicker or synthetic rattan

Rattan and wicker are often among the top choices when it comes to choosing patio furniture, because they create that holiday feel.