wooden outdoor patio furniture Denver

Spring is the time when homeowners start inspecting and remedying the damage caused by the past winter. Yard and patio maintenance is usually included into their checklists of home maintenance tasks – here are some tips about how to do it:

  • Start with cleaning – if you have vegetation in your yard and around the patio, inspect the plants and cut off the dead branches and twigs to ensure their strength and health when they come back to life. Pay attention to any areas covered in grass – remove all the dead leaves before the mowing season starts. Clean the patio as well – pay attention to the rails as well;
  • Inspect your patio to check for damage – if you see any signs of rot or rust, clean the damaged areas and apply the right repair solution;
  • Refresh your patio – it is a good idea to apply a layer of protective coating on the wooden components on the patio as well as on the metal elements;
  • Take out your furniture and clean it, too – ideally, wooden outdoor patio furniture Denver retailers say that patio furniture must be cleaned before it is moved to a sheltered place for the winter, but it is a good idea to clean it again before you start using it again. A thorough inspection is also recommended to check for any damage sustained by the items while they were stored in your basement or in the garage.