If you have an old wood burning fireplace in your living room and you are currently contemplating giving a facelift to the most used room in your home, converting the fireplace to gas is an excellent option. Here are the benefits:

  • Energy efficiency – whether you decide to replace the old fireplace with a sleek, modern unit or you preserve the classic look and add only a gas insert, reputable fireplace store Denver employees confirm that a new gas-operated fireplace will be much more economical and friendlier on the environment as well;
  • More comfort – wood burning fireplaces need lots of attention and energy. The wood needs to be split and cut to suitable logs, the logs need to be carried to the fireplace, the ash resulting from the burning process needs to be regularly removed and the fireplace also needs to be cleaned often. By comparison, gas fireplaces can be turned on and off simply and they generate no ash and dirt;
  • Cleaner air and greener burning – the process of burning gas is much cleaner than the process of burning wood, which also means that the air in your room will not have any smoke or toxic particles coming from the fireplace. Gas burning is also considered to be friendlier on the natural environment as well.

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