patio furniture Denver CO

Outdoor furniture made from wood is excellent, a comfortable and organic setting that is a pleasure to spend time in for your family as well as for your guests. While outdoor furnishing items come made from many different wood varieties, none of them offer so many great features as teak – here are the perks of teak furniture for your deck or patio:

  • Superior weather resistance – the density of teak and the natural oils that it contains make the variety resistant to almost any weather in a durable, reliable way. Teak can stand up to harsh sunshine as well as to rain. Freezing temperatures and snow cannot affect teak either, that is why the wood is used in ski resorts, too;
  • Resistant to pests – the oils that make teak so resistant to the element ensure protection from insects, such as termites and borers;
  • Low-maintenance items – teak does not need any varnish or paint to preserve its natural beauty. Over time, your teak furniture will change its color, developing a slightly faded, spectacularly grained patina, without unsightly spots or blemishes. If you prefer the wood’s initial, unfaded look, you can prevent the change with the help of a natural teak sealer available in most teak patio furniture Denver CO specialized shops.