preparing your outdoor kitchen for winter

Owning an outdoor kitchen can be a great thing for most of the year, as long as the weather permits you to cook and eat outside and enjoy a relaxing barbecue. Unfortunately, in many places throughout the country, the weather gets extremely cold during the winter, and with temperatures easily reaching levels below freezing, not only will you be unable to prepare any food properly in that kind of weather, but your water lines might freeze and you might soon find many of your outdoor kitchen’s appliances and furniture items to be in danger of becoming damaged by the cold.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid such a bleak scenario. Here are some tips from outdoor kitchen specialists, like those found at

  1. Start by shutting off and draining all water lines before the freeze sets in.
  2. Make sure you properly position the drain valves, and clean out the refrigerator for the winter.
  3. Winterize your cabinets. You can get creative here, and there are lots of recommendations that experts provide online for each type of cabinet and counter.
  4. Clean the sink and make sure to keep it covered along with other accessories and items in your outdoor kitchen that could be affected by dust, cold temperatures and intense precipitation.
  5. Finally, make sure you clean and take proper care of your grill and all other appliances that you should either store indoors or cover up and keep them safe from the cold.