While gas fireplace inserts require no electricity, and are considered superior to wood fireplaces, there are some important differences to be sorted out between a gas insert and a gas fireplace, before you make your final choice as to which type of design you actually want for your home.

Gas fireplaces are, of course, very similar to gas inserts – thus the confusion. They come with similar “box within a box” constructions and have a similar setup process, which usually confuses homeowners as to what the actual differences might be.

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However, unlike a gas fireplace, an insert will require an existing chimney or fireplace. This means your home will already have to be suited for the installation of a gas insert, before you call the contractors and ask them about your options for getting one.

On the other hand, getting a gas fireplace can be done with an all-in-one setup process and a lower overall fee. A gas fireplace will not require an existing chimney, and in most cases it will also allow for a greater degree of customization regarding its design and installation process. So, if you want the best solution for your home, most gas fireplace Denver experts will recommend that you contact your local contractors as soon as possible, and ask them about their gas fireplaces.