Sitting outside, by the cozy warmth of the fire in your fire pit is a wonderful, calming experience and an excellent way to unwind and to release stress. If you don’t have a fire pit yet, but you are planning to build one this year, here are some things that you need to take into consideration:

  • Your budget – the amount that you willing to spend on your fire pit will determine the size of the pit as well as the material it is made from. A very sophisticated fire pit Denver feature can cost thousands, especially if you want to add special seating around it, but you can also create a great fire pit by yourself, digging the pit and using some large rocks to contain the fire;

fire pit Denver

  •  Local codes – most towns, neighborhoods and homeowner’s associations have specific rules about the places that can be used for open flames. Most regulations allow for certain types of fire pits and exclude others, so it is essential to consult the rules applicable in your area before buying your fire pit or before you start to build it;
  • Portability – the two main types of fire pits are portable units and permanent ones. The type that works best for you depends on the features of your terrain and on how much you are planning to use the fireplace.