patio furniture Denver

Your patio is an extension of your interior living space, a place that should be just as comfortable and attractive as your cherished living room. To achieve that, you will need not only a sturdy decking and good rails, but perfectly fitting furnishing as well, the best choice being a set custom-made to your specifications. Here are some tips for choosing your custom-made patio furniture:

  • Know what you want – start by making measurements to know the size of the space that you need furniture for, then pick a piece of paper and a pencil and make a few sketches to figure out the general direction in which your design should go. You can also use online design tools to experiment with different styles. Don’t forget storage space either – a table with a large drawer under the top or a separate cabinet are very useful
  • Consider neutral colors – beige, brown or light grey are great choices that can be styled and spiced up with colorful throw pillows, blankets and other accessories;
  • Consider care requirements – ideally, your patio furniture should be made from materials that are resistant to the elements and easy to maintain. Metal, teak, cedar and wicker are all great, low-maintenance materials for patio furniture in Denver that will serve you well for a long time, so consider these options when picking the furniture material.