November outdoor decorations

Gardens and front yard vegetation still have beautiful fall colors, but the outdoor areas around homes will soon become gray and leafless. However, with the holiday season approaching quickly, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to replace natural decoration with festive décor, so here are a few tips for you about how to decorate your outdoor area in November:

  • Lights – string lights are cheap nowadays and they are safe even if the weather turns foul. Wrap a few strings around your trees and shrubs – it will instantly transform your space, making it beautiful and festive;
  • Make sure your inside is cozy and welcoming too. Gas fireplace inserts provide warmth and cheer to rooms.
  • Comfort for your deck – get some soft, decorative pillows in bright colors and some fluffy, thick blankets in matching hues and throw them on your chair and your sofa on the deck or on your patio to extend the time you can use the space;
  • Decorate your entryway and your exterior walls with wreaths made from fall plants or featuring fall colors and get a few large pumpkins, too. Pumpkins can be not only carved, but painted, too, so with a little creativity, you can make them into great, colorful décor items that are more valuable because they are handcrafted by you.