fire pits Denver

If you are looking for creative decoration ideas for your patio without installing a pumpkin patch, here is some inspiration for you:

  • Get some dark red chairs, some soft, fluffy blankets and throw pillows in hues typical of fall, such as earth colors and place them around a cozy fire pit and enjoy the cozy combination of cold air and heat from the fire; There are many backyard fire pits Denver options available – different shapes, sizes and fuel sources to choose from.
  • Add some plants and floral arrangements – fall plants in beautiful rusty colors, such as succulents look great on any patio. Add some large vases filled with the last flowers of the year, such as crysanthemums and enjoy the soothing fall landscape from a comfortable couch;
  • Get some large terracotta pots – terracotta is a natural material that is especially suited for fall. Get some large pots, fill them with soil and add some plants or fill them with sand and place decoration of choice into it;
  • Use attractive lighting – lanterns, lights placed on the patio floor, even LED strings hung strategically extend the patio’s usability for when it is dark outside and also add great atmosphere, just perfect for long, intimate talks and a couple of laughs shared with friends around the table. To make the patio even more comfortable, you can get some mobile heating appliances as well.