Many homeowners undertake chimney cleaning on their own, even though the process needs specialized tools and knowledge and should never be attempted by unqualified DIYers. The cleanliness and the safety of your chimney will determine the safety of your entire heating system. Retailers offering fireplace solutions in Denver confirm that it is an essential home maintenance task that needs to be done by a professional in a way that complies with all the applicable codes and standards.

fireplace solutions Denver - finding a chimney sweep

Here are some tips about how to find a great chimney sweep in your area:

  • Online research – with a quick online query, you can find all the companies that provide chimney sweeping services in your area. Visit the websites that your query returns to check for information about the licenses and qualifications that each company carries;
  • Contact the companies – be prepared that winter is a busy period for chimney sweepers, therefore you might need to call several companies to be able to schedule the cleaning session. During the phone call, ask the person you are talking to about the company’s licenses and whether they have a liability insurance and also find out whether you will receive a written report in case any discrepancies are found. Only work with a company that is properly insured and willing to provide a written report.