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When winter is over and the weather becomes reliably good outside, it is time to start preparing for the grilling season. If you don’t have a grill yet, but you are already looking at recipes that you can astonish your guests with, here is how to find the most suitable BBQ grill for your dishes:

  • Think about the types of dishes that you like and about your cooking style – if you prefer dishes that have the distinctive, charred flavor that we all know and love so much, the best choice for you is a charcoal grill. If your favorite dishes only need a little heat processing, but no charring, you can get an electric grill – these unit are also great for limited spaces, such as balconies. Gas grills are somewhere halfway between charcoal and electric grills, offering high heat settings and easy usage, but lacking the ability to add that charred flavor; Look for high quality and deals at Lynx Denver grill retailers.
  • Consider the price – electric grills are typically the cheapest, followed in line by charcoal grills and with gas-operated units being on the of of the price range. However, be prepared that owning a charcoal grill might cost you more on the long run, especially if you use your grill frequently.