Fireplace inserts are practically fireproof boxes surrounded by steel or cast iron walls, fitted with glass fronts and used for improving the efficiency of fireplaces. Here are some things that you should have in mind when you talk to Lehrer Fireplace and Patio professionals in choosing the best insert for your fireplace:

  • The fuel used – fireplace inserts are available in varieties that burn wood, pellets, coal, gas, propane and you can also find units that use electricity. Each fuel type offers a different level of efficiency – wood-burning units are the least efficient, while gas-operated and electric units are the most efficient;
  • Ease of use – the amount of work that you need to put into using your fireplace is also different for each type of insert. While electric and gas-burning units are started and stopped with the push of a button and don’t require any heavy cleaning, with the inserts that use wood, coal or pellets, you will need to buy, store and prepare the fuel and you will also need to clean the insert regularly to remove the ashes and the other residues generated during the burning process;
  • Temperature settings – electric and gas inserts allow for the most precise temperature settings, while temperature control can be a bit challenging with the units that burn solid fuel.

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