fireplace Denver

A wood-burning fireplace is an asset that confers unique beauty to any room and is often the focal point of the entire house, but it is surely an appliance that needs more maintenance than units running on other types of fuel. Here are some tips from reputable fireplace Denver merchants about the essential fireplace maintenance tasks that you should never neglect if your unit uses logs:

  • Cleaning – you surely clean the exterior part of your fireplace regularly, but the interior should not be neglected either. Clean the fireplace interior thoroughly before you first use it and include some cleaning sessions during the heating season as well. Put on a mask and gloves and remove the ash and the soot, then extract all the dust that you find inside the chamber and wipe all the surfaces that you can reach with a soft cloth;
  • Get the chimney cleaned as well – hire a professional chimney sweep for the task, the process requires special tools and technical knowledge as well;
  • Install carbon monoxide sensors and smoke alarms – these protection units are essential for the safety of your household;
  • Use the right type of wood – make sure that the wood you use in the fireplace has not been treated with chemicals and is of a variety that can be safely burned.