fireplace Denver

If you live in a very cold and dry climate such as is characteristic of many parts of Colorado, and you are looking for a fireplace, there are some essential things to consider. Foremost among them is the quality of the air that will feed your fire and the energy source you use. Here are some things to know about types of fireplaces suited to these areas, and types of appliances that should be avoided:

  • Fireplaces that work efficiently in cold and dry areas- electric fireplaces and ones that run on wood are certainly the two best options for these climate zones. Electric units transform all the energy they get from the grid into heat, and are unaffected by the temperature and the amount of moisture in the air outside. Wood burning fireplaces are also excellent choices because low temperatures encourage good ventilation and efficient burning.
  • Fireplace types that should be avoided- appliances that run on propane are not the best options for areas that have very low temperatures and dry air. Propane tends to burn inefficiently in low temperatures, therefore a fireplace that uses this fuel source is inefficient in these climate zones.

If you wish to learn more about the types of appliances that will work best for you, feel free to consult a fireplace Denver specialist at Lehrers Fireplace and Patio.