A fireplace insert is a device that is inserted into a built structure, such as stone or masonry fireplace. Made from cast iron or steel, most of them featuring self-cleaning glass doors, fireplace inserts are usually categorized by the type of fuel they use for producing flames – here are the most common types:
– Electric inserts – these are the most affordable types to buy as well as to operate. Electric inserts are also very efficient and they can be comfortably and easily turned on with the push of a single button;
– Propane inserts – these units burn propane for attractive appearance and great heating efficiency. These units also come in gas-operated varieties;
gas fireplace inserts
– Gas inserts – gas fireplace inserts are easy to install and easy to clean units.
Fireplace inserts have become popular in the 1970’s and they are still the preferred choice of homeowners to heat their homes and to add special atmosphere that no other type of heating can provide. In most homes, the fireplace is used for supplementing other heating solutions, not as stand-alone solutions that can heat the entire house. Fireplace inserts come in many styles and sizes to fit into any environment, more traditional settings as well modern rooms.