Lehrer Fireplace and Patio

Ventless fireplaces are self-contained heat sources that don’t need a chimney or a flue to exhaust the gases generated during the heating process. They are powered either with natural gas, alcohol-based gel products, propane or electricity and they have some great benefits:

  • Cheaper to buy and easier to install than other solutions – the units that use propane or natural gas can be placed anywhere where there is a supply line, even inside an existing, but unused fireplace. They are also much cheaper than having a masonry fireplace built and cheaper than a furnace as well;
  • Easy operation – many modern ventless fireplaces come with automatic ignition, but even those that use manual ignition are easy to switch on and off.

Ventless fireplaces from Lehrer Fireplace and Patio experts are great and efficient solutions, but there are some safety-related aspects that you need to know about. The units must be installed by a contractor – the process is simple, but it does involve some measurements and it requires know-how, especially when it comes to connecting the line and installing the gas sensors. Ventless fireplaces also require yearly maintenance to work safely – its components need to be cleaned and inspected before the cold weather settles in and the process is also best handled by an experienced contractor.