gas fireplace inserts Denver

Fall and winter are spectacular in Colorado, but they are undeniably chilly, too, making you dream of the warmth and coziness that only a good fireplace can give. If you have an unused hearth and you want to make it operational, the most efficient way is to choose and install a fireplace insert. Here is how to choose your insert:

  • Fuel type – the principal factor used for distinguishing fireplace inserts is the fuel used by the unit. According to recommended gas fireplace inserts Denver retailers, there are six options: electricity, wood, natural gas, propane, pellet and coal. Each option comes with a distinct set of benefits: natural gas is cheap, safe and efficient, pellets are economical and safe for the environment and wood is beautiful when it burns, so weighing the pros and cons of each insert type is the first thing you should do;
  • Size and design – whatever the fuel type they use, fireplace inserts come in many sizes and many of them also feature decorative components to add even more style and elegance to your room. To make the best choice, measure the space where the insert will be installed and also consider the style of the decorative elements;
  • Venting – fireplace inserts can be naturally vented, through a chimney, they can be direct vented or vent-free. The type that works best for your room depends on the features of your home and on the fuel type.