patio umbrella Denver

The warm season is ideal to spend more time outside, relaxing in the garden alone or with friends. However, the moments spent like this will not be comfortable if you stay in full sun with no shade to protect you. When shade is not naturally provided by trees, a patio umbrella is a practical solution available to anyone. It is an effective method to provide comfort and to protect the area where you stay without spending a lot of money or making changes in the garden.

Choosing a patio umbrella should be done with a sense of responsibility, because it could be made of poor-quality materials, or be too small to protect you properly.

There are many types of patio umbrellas on the market, which can be classified into two main categories:

  • Central pole patio umbrellas are equipped with a central pole and a base support. This bar can be a solid and singular one, or it can be made of two pieces connected (in this case, we are talking about a telescopic umbrella).
  • Cantilever patio umbrellas are supported by a side pole, typically arched. They are supported from one side and from above, providing shade over a larger area as there is no pole obstructing the central space.

When you are looking for a long lasting patio umbrella Denver outdoor furniture retailers recommend that you take into account details such as its diameter and the material from which it is made (acrylic, polyester, polyethylene).