fire pits

Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are very successful because they are the perfect accessories for gardens, yards or terraces. With gas, charcoal or wood, fire pits can maintain a pleasant atmosphere even in the darkest winter evenings.
When buying a fire pit, or building a fireplace outdoors, look for a model that fits in your garden and matches your landscape. If you are building a fireplace outside, look for the best fireplace inserts in Denver to be prepared for chilly day warmth.
Here are some types of fire pits that will inspire your choice.
1. Bowl fire pit
The most used material for this type of fire pit is concrete, as it resists very and is easy to. You can use both wood and a gas installation, depending on your budget.
2. Mobile wrought iron fire pit
A mobile fire pit has a major advantage over its static counterpart: it can be moved from one corner of the garden to another, depending on where you need it. Typically, these fire pits are fueled with wood, which is placed in a large bowl, and they are provided with a protective screen.
3. Buried fire pit
A buried fire pit looks very next to a space for relaxation. This is perhaps the simplest type of a fire pit because you must not use too many building materials. Depending on your preferences, the fire pit can also be placed on the terrace.