A fire pit is the accessory that completely changes the atmosphere of a garden. That is why, lately, it has become very popular in landscaping projects of people who own homes with gardens and patios. Fire is a living element, which has been an irresistible attraction since ancient times. The fireplace offers light, warmth and a special atmosphere that you and your loved ones can enjoy in any season.

fire pit

What type of fire pit to choose?

There are several types of fire pits, but the gas burning fire pits Denver retailers are selling are all the rage right now and this is not just a fad, because people discovered their benefits and seem to prefer them now, over their electric or wood burning versions.

Gas-burning fire pits are quite similar with wood-burning pits, when it comes to the aspect of the flames. There is no distinguishable difference, but gas fire pits are definitely more versatile and can be easily sized for any enclosure. They are also safer, due to their stainless steel components, cleaner, and the heat can be controlled more easily. They do not offer that bonfire aroma that you can feel around a wood burning fire pit, but this is pretty much the only detail that can be inconvenient to some people.