If you have been long dreaming about getting a fireplace and you are now browsing the best fireplaces in Denver here https://lehrerfireplacepatio.com/, you have surely come across a variety of fireplace types and you might even be confused about the abundance. One of the ways to distinguish between fireplaces is by considering whether or not they produce real flames. The flame that you see in a fireplace is the result of burning some type of fuel, most commonly gas, wood or pellets, with electric fireplaces being at the other end of the spectrum, being the only ones that use mirrors and other optical illusions to create the sight of flames.

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Besides the existence of a real flame or the lack of it, there are several other very important differences between electric fireplaces and the fireplaces that actually burn fuel. One of these differences is energy efficiency – electric fireplaces stand out in terms of the energy savings and the efficiency of the heating process. The other benefits of electric fireplaces worth considering include easy installation – all you have to do to start using your electric fireplace is to place the appliance close to a power outlet and to plug it in – and the safety arising from the fact that there is no real flame and burning involved in the heating process.